1100 North Bonnie Brae Street, Denton, Texas 76201, United States


News and more for friends of the mission

News and more for friends of the mission

News and more for friends of the missionNews and more for friends of the mission

The Loreto House Mission

Please view our short 13-minute video and learn more about how we serve women in our community.


Abygail Y.


AMAZING! They are such a resource for all things pregnancy, baby, kids or if you just want advice about life. The staff is so sweet, and try to help every client as much as they can! Truly a blessing to the Denton community 😍


Yasmine J.

 Great great place staff there are super nice and loving 

Jessie J.

 This place is amazing! They have blessed me and my fiance so much with our twin pregnancy and the classes they offer is just the refreshment we need even though it's not our first pregnancy. 

Brandy M.

 Staff was so gracious and caring. Staff was also knowledgeable and did all they could to make anyone coming in feel comfortable. Snacks, reassurance and overall just a positive experience. 

Amanda D.

 I cannot express how grateful I am for these women and the generosity and genuine compassion they've shown for me. Definitely recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in a difficult situation such as myself. 

Lisa R.

 I have never been to a place like this before and was not real sure what to expect. My husband and I are not overly religious so we were very worried about religion being shoved down our throat. Much to our surprise this was a very laid back environment, with EXTREMELY friendly people that truly just want to help. They have an amazing program that helps struggling parents at no out of pocket cost to them....simply their time to learn and in return get some things their baby-toddler needs. Highly recommend if you need help as a single mom, single dad or couple as all are welcome.